The rules of this tournament may be amended verbally or in writing at the Captains Meeting. Anglers are responsible for knowing all the rules.
This is a Recreational Tournament.
All anglers in a boat in the Recreation Division must be registered in the tournament.
You may only register in one division.
Tournament fishing hours begin (First Lines in the Water) at 5:30AM EDT on Saturday, April 27, 2019. All fishing in all divisions continues without interruption until 4:00PM EDT on Sunday, April 28, 2019. All entries must be weighed at the Woolley Park in Panacea.

FISHING AREAS Departure points: Tournament entrants must depart from a port within the boundaries of Steinhatchee to Mexico Beach.
Anglers may only win one place in each division. You can place in more than one fish category but you cannot win more than one place per fish category.
All fish presented for weigh-in must be fresh, in edible condition, and must not have been frozen, and must be caught during tournament fishing hours. Acceptability of fish will be determined by the Tournament Judge. All fish must adhere to recreational size and bag limits of the State of Florida.
Fish must have been caught personally by the registered entrant who is credited with the catch, using legal methods during legal hours of fishing tournament. Any angler that wins a prize may be subject to a polygraph test (lie-detector). The Tournament reserves the right to amend the lengths and/or remove any fish from competition, without notice, at any time in order to comply with federal and/or state requirements.
Anglers must hook and fight their own fish on a single rod and reel. All fish must be caught on rod and reel. Electric reels are allowed. Deck mounted winch devices ("one-armed bandits") are prohibited. Live bait is permitted.
It is the responsibility of the angler to ensure that all foreign objects are removed from the fish.  Such objects shall include, but are not limited to:  hooks, leaders, ice, and weights.  Hooks or bait that have passed through the mouth and into the gullet may be left in place.

Handling: Fish qualifying for places on any of the tournament competition leader boards will be documented with the official weight and Angler Name, gut checked and released to the angler. We will not keep any fish this year, however there will be someone on site who will take the fish if you do not wish to keep them.

Lie Detector (polygraph) tests will be administered to randomly selected anglers at the tournament board's discretion. Individuals selected for the polygraph test must pass all portions of the test to be eligible to receive any prize.  Failure to do so for any reason will result in immediate disqualification.
Rule violations, the eligibility of entrants or entered fish, disqualifications, and any other matters not specifically covered by these rules will be decided by the Tournament Judge in consultation with the Tournament Chairman. The Tournament Judge may disqualify any person who commits any violation of tournament rules. Decisions of the Tournament Judge are final and non-negotiable for all entrants.
Protests of any nature must be submitted to the Tournament Chairman in writing at the time the fish is being weighed. No protests will be accepted once a fish has been weighed and left the stage. Protests must be accompanied by a cash deposit of $100.00 to be binding on the outcome of this tournament. An unsuccessful protest will forfeit the $100.00 deposit.
Tournament winners will be awarded their prizes during the ceremonies held immediately after final weigh-in at center stage. In the event of a tie in weight, the winner shall be determined by the earliest weigh-in time.

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